Power of Attorney

Power of attorney services

Power of attorney gives a legal representative the right to make decisions on your behalf, and has the same weight as if you had made the decision yourself. The two types of power of attorney include general and enduring power of attorney, both of which we provide at Elizabeth Wiese & Associates. 

Whichever one you invoke, the process involves drawing up a legal document which acts as a formal agreement between you and the chosen representative.
The process is as follows:
  • You sign a form giving power of attorney to the person of your choice 
  • You specify the types of decisions that person can make 
  • As your attorney, they can then act on your behalf if necessary 
Power of attorney may be required if you become incapacitated due to illness or any other reason, and means that someone you trust can make important decisions when you physically cannot. This can be done either formally or informally, with the latter involving relatives and friends.

Decisions can also be made on a more formal basis, by an attorney appointed under an enduring power of attorney or advance health directive. A statutory health attorney, guardian or administrator appointed by law or court may also act as decision-maker.

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